We rise by lifting others

WeMaintain was built in 2017 and is live since September 15th, 2017.

Our values

The team shares these three values that are keen to see them reflected in the quality of our service


Every team member is true to what he is as a human being, does and thinks. On an everyday basis, this creates a culture where people love what they do and do what they love.


We know our competitors, their size and impact on the market. The difference will be done on keeping high standards and the relentless grit of WeMaintain's team.


Other people and stakeholders are not negotiable. We chose to have consideration and to pay attention about them everyday.


The journey really started in September 2017


The team is composed of 43 people with diverse sets of experience and background.


WeMaintain raised two rounds in February 2018 and April 2019, with international family offices and private equity firms.

Our team at your service!

A team of 21 people after 10 months of operations

The average age of our team is 30 years old, yet most of the members have had previous work experiences before joining WeMaintain. Backgrounds and competencies are very diverse. We have engineers that worked for the government, a previous mechanic that became engineer, a lawyer that then went into a business school, IT developers from the famous 'school 42' in Paris.

Values and trust

Because WeMaintain team members believe in a common mission and share the same values, they are very aligned in the everyday execution. Value and trust work hand in hand for us, when we are aligned in what we do, trust becomes an evidence. Our three values are non negotiable criterias to join our team.

Join us!

We are looking for candidates that share the same values and are willing to challenge the status quo.

The co-founding team

Expatriates for many years between Europe, the US and Asia, the three co-founders went back to Paris to start the WeMaintain journey.

Benoit Dupont

After a childhood between Africa and Germany, Benoit started his professional career working for the leader of the elevator industry based in Paris. He spent 10 years in that industry, from which 8 were in China and north Asia in various leadership roles.

In 2015, direction Harvard university where he had the idea of WeMaintain's model.

In 2017, Paris is the first city to be launched to also demonstrate that Europe has a real role to play in the startup scene globally.

Tristan Foureur

Following four years as an expat in the UK, India and the US to work on high frequency trading and VOIP projects, Tristan comes back to work in Paris with frequent moves to Bangalore India and San Francisco.

There he met with Benoit and decides to join WeMaintain as a co-founder & CTO. Today he manages a team of developers which represents half of WeMaintain's employees.

Jade Francine

Following studies in France and after an LLM of Chinese law from Pekin university in China, Jade start her career in Shanghai as a corporate lawyer supporting European startups develop their business and raise funds to operate on the Chinese market.

She joined WeMaintain as a co-founder & COO. Today she manages a team responsible for the good execution of WeMaintain's operations for its divers set of stakeholders.

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